Rates & Charges - Halifax Stanfield International Airport
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    To continue providing a high level of service to our airline partners and passengers, we rely on specific charges and fees to help cover operational costs and invest in our infrastructure that are highlighted below.

    For a full explanation of our rates and charges, please see our detailed guide:


    An airplane taking off at sunset

    Landing Fees

    A view from inside the baggage compartment

    Airport Infrastructure Levy (AIL)

    Applies to landed aircraft at the Airport that do not use the Air Terminal Building (ATB) and does not pay an Airport Infrastructure Charge.

    A photo of the airport on a sunny day

    Terminal Fees

    * A passenger loading bridge fee of $66.95 will be applied when an aircraft uses a passenger loading bridge connected to the ATB.

    Plane with engine closeup

    Parking Fees

    For aircraft parked in excess of 6 hours

    * Aircraft parking on Apron 3 will be charged a flat fee of $250 for a timeframe of fewer than 4 hours, and an additional fee of $500 for each 24-hour period or any part thereof after the initial 4 hours.

    HSIA Loading Luggage

    Airside Equipment Registration Fees

    The fee for the registered equipment is the amount determined by multiplying the gross equipment weight, in kilograms (kg), by the Fee based on Gross Equipment Weight in kg ($0.033).

    A photo of the moving baggage platforms inside the airport

    Airport Improvement Fee (AIF)

    The AIF is built into the price of the passenger’s airline ticket and has enabled strategic, long-term reinvestments into facility improvements, including the rehabilitation of runways and associated taxiways, passenger parking, and terminal expansion. The following fees apply to departing enplaned passengers at the Airport’s Air Terminal Building, with certain exceptions.

    New CATSA Pre-Board Security Screening Area

    Airport Infrastructure Charge (AIC)

    Applies to each landed aircraft seat for aircraft arriving at the Airport that does not use the Air Terminal Building.