Halifax Stanfield Stands With Ukraine - Halifax Stanfield International Airport
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    As the region’s largest international airport, Halifax Stanfield plays an important role in facilitating the arrival and welcoming of newcomers and immigrants to Canada. Airport employees are proud of their role in supporting increased immigration, investment and more diverse communities.

    We are deeply saddened by the devastating events taking place in Ukraine. Although Nova Scotia is far from this conflict geographically, there are many people in our communities who have close ties, family and friends in Ukraine who are under attack following a Russian military invasion.

    We stand with Ukraine and support global calls for a swift and peaceful resolution to this crisis.

    For the past two years, citizens and governments around the world have worked together and made sacrifices for the greater good, to minimize the impacts of a global pandemic. We were united in our objectives, even though we stayed apart. Together, we can overcome our differences and find solutions in support of peace for current and future generations.

    At Halifax Stanfield, we are ready to do our part and we have offered our assistance to the Federal Government if needed.

    If you want to help, consider donating to the Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Campaign currently underway. Learn more at www.redcross.ca.